Copying your music

What does copying do?

In Rekord Buddy, 'copying' is the act of making all your music collections (tracks, metadata, and playlists) stay up to date across all the supported DJ software you have installed. This means you can use Rekord Buddy to maintain your music database, as well as transfer all your track information between rekordbox, Traktor, and Serato.

Rekord Buddy can pull part of, or all the available information from your chosen primary collection as a starting point and adds it to the Rekord Buddy database. This includes all your metadata like comments, musical key, and track/artist names. Everything down to your track beatgrids and cue points will be copied over from the source collection into the destination collection.

How to copy your music

You can simply drag and drop any track, playlist, folder or collection from one collection in the sidebar tree to another. You don't even have to drag them to the Rekord Buddy collection first, you can just drag directly between, for example, Traktor and Serato or between different versions of Traktor.

Any changes you make are only saved when you exit the app so feel free to experiment. If you've made a mistake, just exit the app and choose Don't Save to discard your changes.

If you want to copy one of more tracks from one collection, you can just select the tracks in the track list view (hold down CMD or SHIFT to select multiple tracks) and drag them to a playlist or an All Tracks node of another collection. You can also copy tracks within the same collection or move them within a playlist.

If you want to copy or move playlists or folders from one collection to another, you can select the current collection's playlist/folder in the sidebar (hold down CMD or SHIFT to select more than one) and drag them to a folder or a Playlists in another collection. You can also copy playlists or folders within the same collection or move them within a folder.

If you want to copy an entire collection over another one, you can just select the collection's top node in the sidebar and drag it on top of another collection. Note that in order for a collection to be draggable or to be able to drag onto a collection, it must be open. An open collection has its disclosure triangle to the left of its name in the sidebar in the open position. You can also see the All Tracks playlist of an opened collection.

Some collections may be read-only and cannot accept any tracks, playlists, folders or other collections dragged onto them.

Copying an entire collection may take a long time. Start by copying a few tracks or a small playlist to make sure you understand the process and can see the changes in the target collection.

Some collections only support tracks located on the same volume as the collection itself. If you try to drag tracks, playlists, folders or other collections that contain tracks on other volume you will receive a warning and those tracks will be skipped.

Creating a collection on another volume

If you want to add tracks located on a different volume than where your Music folder is located, you’ll need to create a Rekord Buddy collection on that volume if it doesn’t already exist and then drag that track to the new collection.

To do this, right click on the main Rekord Buddy collection’s top node in the sidebar and click on Create Collection, then select the volume you’d like to create the new collection on.

Saving your changes

Once you’re done, check your changes and choose Save Changes… from the File menu, use the keyboard shortcut CMD + S, or save when you quit Rekord Buddy, to make them permanent.

Don't forget to save!

Unless you save your work, none of your changes will be remembered.