Frequently asked questions

What are the supported versions for each DJ app?

Each section of the manual relating to each DJ app contains the currently supported version for each app. For example you can find the one for rekordbox, Serato, Traktor or iTunes respectively.

I upgraded from Rekord Buddy 2.0. Why is my collection empty?

Unfortunately there is no migration system from the old Rekord Buddy collection to the new format. The main reason is because the time a migration would take is the same as the time it will take a user to re-import their collection from another program like rekorbdox, Traktor or Serato.

Where did the sync function go?

The real 'sync' was part of the early 2.0 versions. Users pressed a button and ideally only things that had changed would get updated.

Problem is, it never worked properly because in some cases the modification time info was not even available. rekordbox for example, doesn't even store this info anywhere so there is no way to know what has changed when. Just looking for changes is not enough, you need to know when this happened so that the syncing is correct. So basically this was never really doable in the end.

In 2.0.24 and after, the sync was replaced with an import/export method that would work better but be an all or nothing. Users had to import or export the whole collection. That wasn't ideal either.

Fast forward to 2.1 and yes, both sync and import/export are replaced by drag and drop but this is a great building block for future improvement. If the user can pick and choose what to copy from one collection to another (and without the need to go through the Rekord Buddy collection if you don't need to, which makes the process much faster) then we can imagine a feature that will show you what has changed, when it can, and allow you to only update all or some of those changes yourself..

Do you collect any personal information while I use the app?

Rekord Buddy collects anonymous statistical information while you use the app. This information is in no way connected to you and we have no way to identify you as the source of this information. In order to do this, the app will request from a third party server a random universal unique ID which is then use to identify you when sending statistics to us. Because the unique ID is generated by someone else, and because we never send any other identifying information, we do not know which user is behind which unique ID. While the event system we use (mixpanel) does look at your IP address when receiving events from you, in order to determine roughly your location (city and country), they do not store this IP address with your information which means we cannot connect IP address with unique IDs.

We currently collect the following information: OS name and version (i.e. macOS10.14.3), machine model (i.e. Macmini8,1), your rough location (i.e. Paris, France), the version of the app you are using (i.e. 2.1.14beta(672)), the time you sent the event (i.e. 23:43:22UTC), the names of the DJ apps you have installed (i.e. Serato,Traktor,rekordbox), the time you started and stopped using the app and the type of drag operations you perform in the app (i.e. Drag a Playlist from Serato to rekordbox). The list contained here will always be kept up to date as we add or remove events. We use this information for statistics (how many people are using the app or a certain feature of the app) and improve Rekord Buddy in the future (like prioritizing translations to other languages).

As stated in the EULA that you must agree to when purchasing the app:

You agree that Next Audio Labs may collect and use usage and technical data, and related information, including but not limited to statistical data on your music collection and its use, and technical information about your device, system application software, and peripherals to facilitate further development of the Licensed Application, new features, future products, and other services. Application Provider may use this information, as long as it is in a form that does not personally identify you, to improve and/or promote its products, to provide services or technologies to you, and/or for other business reasons.

Because this information is anonymous and non-critical, there is no opt-out option for the user as this would invalidate the statistical information.

When the app encounters an issue (Something wonderful...) or a crash, we send a crash log back to our servers. This log contains information provided by Apple about your machine but we also attach an identifier in this case so that we can contact you if necessary or, for example, find your specific issue after you make a post on the community forums.

The App window, update window or the Preferences window does not open

If you have multiple monitors, even if one of them is switched off, right click on the app icon and select Options -> Desktop on on Desktop 1 to make sure the app opens its windows on the main screen.

Where do I find my license number?

Head over to your Purchase History page on the website.

Clicking on the link above may fail if you are not already logged in to the website. If so, log in to the site using the account you used to purchase the app, then go ahead and try the link again.

This will then show you to a list of your purchases:

Click on View Licenses at the end of the line for your Rekord Buddy purchase. This will take you to the license screen for that purchase:

The license key will be located in the area highlighted by the red rectangle on the screenshot above. It is 32 characters long.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Head over to your Purchase History page on the website.

Clicking on the link above may fail if you are not already logged in to the website. If so, log in to the site using the account you used to purchase the app, then go ahead and try the link again.

This will then show you to a list of your purchases:

Simply click on cancel to the far right of the subscription you wish to cancel. You can re-instate your subscription at any time as long as your current license has not expired.

Keep in mind that if your license expires while the subscription is cancelled, you will need to purchase a whole new license in order to use Rekord Buddy again.

Where are drop on Tags, Smart Playlists, Playlist Ordering and Filtering?

These Rekord Buddy 2.0 features have been put on hold in order to help ship 2.1 faster. This was a hard decision but is the right decision in the short term. The code for these features still exists and will be plugged back in, pending some further testing, in a future release.

Why do I get a message telling me that "Something wonderful has happened."?

This tongue-in-cheek message is inspired by the infamous SCA virus message from the Commodore Amiga (Damien was part of the Amiga demo-scene in Europe back in the days). It is part of the new 'unexpected issue' detection in Rekord Buddy.

Because Rekord Buddy is developed and supported by a single person, it is a tall order to test the app under every single configuration out there and especially to anticiapte all the different type of information found in all the different DJ collections around the world. Because of that, problems fall through the cracks and a call has to be made as to what to do when those problems occur.

Rekord Buddy is coded very defensively, to try to detect issues when they happen as much as possible. When an issue is detected, it's no longer possible to trust that your data is safe and therefore Rekord Buddy exits after this dialog in order to prevent data corruption.

At the same time, a detailed report is sent to Next Audio Labs with your license information so that we can take a look and firgure out what went wrong. We can even add custom code in future builds to debug the issue right on your machine which helps greatly in figuring out a fix if the issue can't be reproduced.

The bottom line is that if you get this message, you have found something we didn't know about and you are helping make Rekord Buddy better. Make sure to keep an eye out for future app updates and try the same action again to see if it is fixed or to provide further info for us to fix it. We do not ignore any issue we receive.

I don't see some of my collections in the sidebar

If you are running macOS 10.15 Catalina or above, it could be because Rekord Buddy does not have access to your collection files on your computer. You can try to give it full access to see if this fixes the issue.

Where can I find the latest build for Rekord Buddy?

Head over to your Purchase History page on the website.

Clicking on the link above may fail if you are not already logged in to the website. If so, log in to the site using the account you used to purchase the app, then go ahead and try the link again.

This will then show you to a list of your purchases. If you purchased the app via a subscription, clicking on View Invoice will lead you to a page where the download links are.

If you purchased the app with a one-time purchase license then the same page will be under a link named View Details and Downloads instead:

What is Next Audio Lab's refund policy?

Next Audio Labs will gladly provide a full refund if your purchase was made within the last 90 days and either:

  • Your license has not been activated on any computer yet.

  • We are unable to fix an issue you are having on a non-beta build, as long as you already assisted us in good faith in trying to figure out the problem.

If you don’t fit within the conditions above, unfortunately we will not be able to give you a refund. This is because, unfortunately, some people have tried to get a refund after a single use in order to get the benefit of the app without purchasing it and, being a small developer, we can’t afford to do this.

If you are unsure about whether Rekord Buddy will work for you or about any given feature then please ask questions on this forum BEFORE purchasing the app.

Please note that refunds in any currencies other than the US dollar will involve a second currency conversion doing the refund process. Additionally, our payment processing partner Stripe has decided to stop refunding their processing fee when a refund is issued. This means the refunded amount will most likley not be what you initially paid.