Getting started

What is Rekord Buddy?

As a follow-up to the original Rekord Buddy, version 2.0 was more than just a way to transfer your music collection between Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox and Native Instruments’ Traktor. Rekord Buddy 2.0 introduced support for an extra DJ software, more library management features and more user friendliness.

The newest update builds on previous versions, with an improved user experience, live editing and copying of your collection data, as well as the ability to copy individual tracks, playlists, or folders. Some features like smart playlists or playlist organizing and filtering have been temporarily disabled in 2.1 in order to ship the version quicker. Don't worry, they will be back in a future release. If you want a one-stop-shop to keep all your music ship shape and up-to-date, Rekord Buddy has everything you need:

  • Drag and drop between Traktor, rekordbox or Serato libraries.

  • Create and export playlists and folders.

  • New: Access and edit your rekordbox/Traktor/Serato music collections directly from Rekord Buddy.

  • New: Drag-and-drop tracks, playlists, and collections seamlessly between your collections.

  • New: iTunes XML support

What are the minimum requirements?

As long as you have at least a Apple Mac computer with an Intel processor running macOS 10.12 but not higher than macOS 10.15, you should be able to run Rekord Buddy. For each DJ program that Rekord Buddy supports, you can check what version is currently supported by checking the program's entry in the With Other Apps section.

Supported music file formats

These are the file formats you will be able to add, edit and transfer in Rekord Buddy:

  • MP3

  • OGG

  • AAC

  • AIFF

  • WAV

  • FLAC

  • ALAC

  • M4V

  • MP4

FLAC is not supported for playback within Rekord Buddy.

Rekord Buddy can support cue points in video files as long the file format does.

Warning: always keep full backups

You should be doing this already, but always make a current backup of your contents before running Rekord Buddy.

Rekord Buddy might modify or cause other programs to modify music files or collection files on your behalf. To prevent data loss, back up ALL your files regularly. Next Audio Labs cannot be held responsible for damages, loss of data, or any other damages directly or indirectly linked to Rekord Buddy.

To ensure the integrity of all your music collections, please ensure you do not have any other music software running before launching Rekord Buddy. Every time you launch the app, Rekord Buddy checks that no other compatible software is active and will ask you to quit if any are detected.

Installing Rekord Buddy

You can download Rekord Buddy from the website once you’ve logged in to your account via the My Account page.

  1. First, run the downloaded .dmg installer.

  2. In the install window, drag the Rekord Buddy icon to the Applications folder via the shortcut, and wait for it to be installed.

  3. You may be asked for an Administrator password in order for your Applications folder to be modified.

  4. Run Rekord Buddy.

Granting access to your files (macOS 10.15 Catalina or above)

On macOS 10.15 Catalina or above, the OS will sometimes prevent Rekord Buddy from accessing your files in the Documents folder or on external volumes. This is a security measure but it has the side effect to prevent Rekord Buddy from accessing files it needs in order to access your collections.

In most cases the OS will ask you to grant access to the files Rekord Buddy needs but in some cases, it will silently deny access to Rekord Buddy. If you are not seeing some collections in Rekord Buddy's sidebar, you may be able to fix the issue by granting Rekord Buddy full disk access.

Perform the following steps in order to do this:

  1. Click on the Apple icon, (top, left) on the menu bar and select System Preferences.

  2. Click on Security & Privacythen click on the Privacytab.

  3. Select Full Disk Access in the list on the left.

  4. Click the ‘lock’ icon which will unlock it, allowing you to make changes. You will need to enter your Mac password – this is the one you use to log into your Mac.

  5. Drag the Rekord Buddy executable directly from your Applications folder to the list of applications to the right.

  6. Make sure the checkmark next to Rekord Buddy is checked (i.e. enabled).

First time launching, entering license key

Upon launching Rekord Buddy for the first time, you’ll be prompted to add your license key. You’ll find this on your Purchase History page on the main website. The Rekord Buddy license allows for up to two activations per user regardless of what OS you use. While you need to have an internet connection to authorize, you can use Rekord Buddy offline for up to 14 days between authorizations; after which, you will need to connect to the internet and launch the app to update your authorization.

The first thing you’ll see when you launch Rekord Buddy

Next Audio Labs will never ask you for your license key. Never share your key with anyone and only ever use it on your own computer.

Resetting your authorizations

Head over to your Purchase History page on the website.

Clicking on the link above may fail if you are not already logged in to the website. If so, log in to the site using the account you used to purchase the app, then go ahead and try the link again.

This will then show you to a list of your purchases:

Click on View Licenses at the end of the line for your Rekord Buddy purchase. This will take you to the license screen for that purchase:

Under the License column you can see how many devices are activated for this license. To reset your authorizations, under the Manage Activations column, simplyt click on 'Deactivate All Devices'.

You are allowed to reset your authorisations every 3 months. If for some reason you need to do this more often, just contact support via the forums.

Troubleshooting license problems

If the license authorization fails and you get a message saying Can’t authorize Rekord Buddy, the potential reasons are:

  • Couldn't connect to the server. The authorization is unreachable. Make sure you have a working internet connection or check the support forums for any server outage.

  • Your license key seems invalid. You may have mistyped your license key or it got revoked. Reset the license (see section Resetting Rekord Buddy) and try again.

  • Your license doesn't work with this build or Your app version is invalid. You are using an app that does not match the version you bought the license for.

  • Could not find your license key. Your license key is not found on your computer. Reset the license (see section Resetting Rekord Buddy) and try again.

  • You have no activations left for this license. You only get two authorizations with each license sibscription. If you need Rekord Buddy on more than two computers, you will need to reset your authorization in order to authorize another computer.

  • Authorization failed for this license. Contact us via the the support forums to investigate this.

  • Server could not generate the activation receipt. The authorization server for internal reasons could not return a valid receipt. Check the support forums for any server outage.

Resetting Rekord Buddy or your license key

If you ever need to reset your license key, for whatever reason, launch Rekord Buddy while holding down CTRL. You’ll be asked for your information again. Please note that registering Rekord Buddy for the first time or resetting the license code will require an internet connection in order to authorize your copy of the app. When you launch Rekord Buddy while holding down CMD, the software will ask you if you’d like to reset your Rekord Buddy collection.

Resetting the license does not affect your authorization count since it happens on a computer already authorized.

Updating Rekord Buddy

Rekord Buddy automatically checks for updates when you launch the application. If you wish to manually check for updates, go to the File menu and choose Check for Updates....‌

A box like this will pop-up when you launch the app if there’s an update available.

Uninstalling Rekord Buddy

WARNING: Uninstalling an app is NOT a solution to fixing issues. You may make the problem disappear for a while but you won't fix anything that way. If you are having problems, please contact us via the forums so that we can find a solution to your problem.

To completely remove Rekord Buddy from your system:

  1. Delete Rekord Buddy from the Applications folder.

  2. Delete the Rekord Buddy preferences folder from the user library. In Finder, click the Go menu item, hold down Alt/Option key and click the Library shortcut that appears. The Rekord Buddy folder can be found at: ~/Music/Rekord Buddy With a file to delete at: ~/Library/Preferences/com.nextaudio.RekordBuddy.plist

  3. Empty your Trash.