Key notation

Choose which the default musical key notation when keys are displayed in Rekord Buddy and written to other apps.

  • Musical: i.e. Db

  • All Sharps: i.e. C#

  • Camelot: i.e. 3B

  • Camelot (leading 0): i.e. 03B

  • Open Key: i.e. 8d

  • Open Key(leading 0): i.e. 08d

This settings will not affect the musical kets when displayed in apps other than Rekord Buddy. When displaying musical keys in other apps, the actual value stored as a string in that app's database will be displayed. When writing to that other app's collection though, this setting will be used.

Artist separator

Choose how multiple artists are displayed and parsed when read and written.

  • Artist1,Artist2

  • Artist1, Artist2

  • Artist1/Artist2

  • Artist1 / Artist2

  • Artist1 Artist2

Genres separator

Choose how multiple genres are displayed and parsed when read and written.

  • Genre1,Genre2

  • Genre1, Genre2

  • Genre1/Genre2

  • Genre1 / Genre2

  • Genre1 Genre2

Key separator

Choose how multiple keys are displayed and parsed when read and written.

  • Key1,Key2

  • Key1, Key2

  • Key1/Key2

  • Key1 / Key2

  • Key1 Key2

License key

Displays the license key currently associated with the installed version of Rekord Buddy.

Other preferences

You can find a description of Rekord Buddy's preferences settings for other programs in each program's section inside With Other Apps.